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What is GoalPath?

GoalPath is a holistic suite of financial planning, financial wellness, and asset allocation tools, materials, reports and resources designed to help participants achieve their unique target retirement income goal which in turn benefits the employer. GoalPath is offered to plans through the plan’s current retirement plan advisor. No need to vet a new provider or add costs and confusion.


Companies want to and benefit from helping employees retire on time.

They are taking action by:

• Adding low cost, custom, “Do it For Me” investment options

• Rolling out Financial Wellness programs to help alleviate costs with financially stressed employees

• Gathering data to make smarter plan decisions

The challenge is that today companies are forced to address all these issues in a siloed approach negotiating fees and services with multiple providers.

At GoalPath we believe all of these issues should be able to be combined into one easy to use, low-cost solution that can be tailored to each participant’s unique situation and provided by a trusted source.

A company’s retirement plan advisor is an excellent source to provide these services and the “good ones” are held to a fiduciary standard requiring them to act in the best interest of the company plan and its participants. The retirement plan advisor is already on campus multiple times a year and has the training and expertise to help individuals with their financial needs and concerns.  Every time a company adds another service provider they may be adding unnecessary costs and exposing the company, committee members and participants to conflicts of interest and non-fiduciary services that may not be in the best interest of the end-user.

GoalPath is a holistic suite of financial planning, financial wellness and asset allocation tools, materials, reports and resources designed to help participants achieve their unique target retirement income goal which in turn benefits their employer.  GoalPath is offered to plans through your current retirement plan advisor. No need to vet a new provider and add costs and confusion.


Adheres to Fiduciary Best Practices for Target Date Fund (QDIA) Selection

In response to the overwhelming adoption of target date funds (TDF) as the plan QDIA, the DOL issued a bulletin in February 2013 that serves as an important guide to QDIA selection. That bulletin calls for advisors to:

    • Align TDF and participant characteristics
    • • Understand underlying investments
    • • Review fees and investment expenses
    • • Consider custom or non-proprietary options
    • • Develop effective employee communications
    • • Document the process

As a result, GoalPath offers a suite of multiple glide-path target date funds that utilizes custom participant data beyond just their age to target a monthly income in retirement.  Employers have valuable participant data right at their fingertips that can be easily accessed to help each participant better target their desired retirement income.  A participant’s current income, account balance, and deferral amounts are important criteria that can be used in addition to age.  A custom portal is built for each participant allowing to go beyond data points and fill in information about assets held outside the plan.

Emphasizes Retirement Income Over Account Balances

At GoalPath, we believe that employees make better financial decisions when they understand their retirement in terms of future monthly income and not account balances.  If an employee knows that they can expect a monthly check versus staring at an account balance, they will be empowered to make more informed decisions today about their lifestyle and spending habits.

Gives Employees Access to Financial Resources, Technology, And Coaching Via A Fully Integrated Financial Wellness Program

Employees need help with their short and mid term financial plans as much if not more than they do their retirement plans. If their affairs are not in order now, how can we expect them to contribute to a future reality so far away. It is our job to equip them with the resources, confidence, technology, and coaching they need to address their current financial burdens and questions. Only then, will they be able to set themselves up for success in retirement.

Gathers Critical Data to Power Informed Decisions

Through a number of tactics including surveys, account aggregation, and the CRM-like functionality of our advisor platform, GoalPath gathers unique data on participants and employer populations alike. Reports related to financial health, sentiment, and status can be easily generated.

Helps Alleviate Costs Associated With Financially Stressed Employees And An Aging Workforce

Employees and employers alike are worried about not being able to retire on time. For employees, they’re worried about supporting themselves and their families. While employers are concerned with skyrocketing costs associated with employees who don’t retire on time. A simple solution? Help them proactively prepare for retirement with GoalPath. GoalPath sets employees up for success, addressing low hanging fruit action items including building an emergency fund and getting out of debt. The key to successful retirement lies in confidence, proactive planning and accountability.

How It Works

For The Advisors

The GoalPath Advisor experience is what advisors see upon logging into what is essentially, their participant management system. Here, advisors can manage their book of business simply, effectively, and scalably, to the highest standards of compliance.

For The Participants

The GoalPath participant experience is what plan participants see upon logging into their financial wellness platform. Complete with a participant assessment, account aggregation, budgeting resources, and cashflow tools, participants can communicate directly with their advisor and stay on track with their financial plan in a unique, simple experience all their own.

With the context required to set up personalized approaches and goals, GoalPath offers the ability easily build tailored plans that actually work for plan participants. Financial wellness technology and the power of the platform encourages transparency, progress and behavior change.


  • •  User Friendly Interface
  • •  Proprietary Advice Engine
  • •  Account Aggregation
  • •  Budgeting & Cashflow Tools
  • •  User Specific Engagment & Action Items

Who is GoalPath for?

GoalPath is offered by plan advisors and used by both plan sponsors and participants.

Are you an advisor or plan sponsor? Contact us.

Employees Concerned With Not Being Able To Retire On Time

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