FAQs For Plan Sponsors

How do I find out if my retirement plan provider or advisor offers GoalPath?

How much is GoalPath?

The all-in fee for GoalPath depends on what underlying investment strategy is utilized.  GoalPath investment strategies include a predominantly passive strategy and an evidence and factor-based strategy.

How long does it take to launch GoalPath?

From the time GoalPath is chosen it takes approximately 60 days to have the program up and running.

What does my HR department have to know before, during, and after launch?

GoalPath does not put any additional work or burden of training on HR.  If an HR person knows how GoalPath can help them personally then they know enough to help explain the value and impact of GoalPath to others. GoalPath is designed to be delivered by your current retirement plan advisor who will be trained on how best to deliver and support GoalPath.

FAQs For Advisors

Is coaching included or is that something I would handle?

Who will support me and how if I offer GoalPath to my plans?

Every advisor that chooses to offer GoalPath will be trained on how best to deliver the program to their clients.

What does it look like to adopt GoalPath?

GoalPath Collective Funds are added to the plan just like any other new investment choice would be added by the record-keeper of the plan.  The only additional information needed to power GoalPath is an employee census containing annual income, deferral rates, match formula, and current account balance.

How does GoalPath work?