With GoalPath, Advisors can:

Remain Independent

Adopt a membership structure that maintains your independence and ownership of business

Generate Sales

Access lead generation and marketing programs to help grow your business

Save Time

Leverage a CEFEX-certified, back-office service platform immediately so you can focus your time and attention on your clients

Define Outcomes

Benefit from custom-designed investment solutions focused on delivering defined outcomes

Meet Needs

Use proprietary technology to deliver one holistic service program that serves all employees and employers

Plan Ahead

Institute business succession planning now for when you may need it tomorrow

Better outcomes for everyone.

Advisors looking to scale and grow their practice face an uphill battle in the form of time and money. Your time is a finite asset and extremely valuable to you and your clients. Smart technology can help you find more time in your day and save you the cost of building out your own "tech stack." As a GoalPath Partner Advisor, you will differentiate your story to set your firm apart from the crowd and discover a forward course to improved business opportunities and delighted customers.

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